Mati Greenspan: Bitcoin soaring „is only just getting started“

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The analyst thinks that price jumps of more than 250% could become normal in the future.

In his new newsletter, the founder of Quantum Economics affirmed that Bitcoin’s recent jump above the $ 23,000 mark, which saw a gain of almost 29% in the past week, is not necessarily a sign that the The Bitcoin Supersplit market “overheats” and soon crashes like during the record run in December 2017.

„In our opinion, things are only just getting started,“ as Mati Greenspan writes accordingly

„We should probably not be using old standards to measure current gains.“

Accordingly, a strong increase does not necessarily indicate an even more severe downturn; rather, a new normal of large price jumps could establish itself.

In this regard, he explains:

„If the demand continues to increase and the supply continues to decrease, then it is very conceivable that we will make price jumps of 250% or even more on a few days.“