Stellar Lumen (XLM) Price Could Surge Above $0.09 – Here’s How!

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Summary of the Article

  • Stellar lumens (XLM) price is attempting a fresh increase from the $0.085 zone against the US Dollar.
  • There is a major bearish trend line forming with resistance near $0.0888 on the 4-hour chart.
  • The pair could start a major increase if there is a clear move above the $0.0900 resistance zone.

Current Price Trend of XLM

Stellar lumen price is trading above $0.0850 against the US Dollar, similar to Bitcoin. XLM price must clear $0.090 to start a major increase. This past week, Stellar lumen price saw a bearish reaction from the $0.0900 zone against the US Dollar, and was able to push the price below the $0.0832 level and reach a low at around $0.0827 before attempting an increase again and trading above both $0.0850 and its 55 simple moving average (4 hours).

Resistance Levels

On the upside, XLM/USD faces resistance near its current levels at around $ 0.088 as well as at another major bearish trend line forming with resistance near $ 0 .088 on its 4-hour chart data feed via Kraken exchange’s API service provider . The next significant resistance after this lies at around 0 .090 which is also around 61 .8% Fib retracement level of its downward move from swing high at 0 .0948 to low at 0 .0827 . If it succeeds in clearing this barrier then it has potential for further surge up till 0 .1000 or even beyond that point till 0 .1050 mark in short term basis .

Support Levels

Initial support on downside can be found near current levels itself as well as near previous lows made by it while trying to breach levels below 8th decimal point , i:e , 825 marks in USD notation; these two support levels are followed by main support level marked by USD ~ 8th decimal point mark i:e , 850 marks in USD notation which needs to hold if any kind of further higher correction wave is expected in coming days ahead for XLM tokens attached with Stellar blockchain technology based system network layer protocol framework setup developed for open source digital currency transfer across decentralized public ledger shared among all users participating within network nodes spread out globally over internet connected devices running same software version with same consensus algorithm rules & regulations applied by governing body lead group formulating policies & procedures specific for cryptocurrency token handling & management through distributed immutable ledger infrastructure technology now referred used frequently among financial services sector industries worldwide since its inception back in 2009 when first block was mined successfully using SHA 256 hashing algorithm proof of work consensus mechanism along side other popular alternative like proof of stake or delegated proof of stake etc depending upon specific project related requirement specifications formulated during initial ideation phase prior to actual code implementation stage started working live on real time environment basis after completing alpha & beta testing stages successfully without any bugs being reported or identified during internal audit process conducted to check performance speed , accuracy & security aspects involved due to distributed nature architecture present deep down into core components involved directly or indirectly with complete system functioning layer structure defined by developers who wrote original source code for particular blockchain project launched publicly either through ICO style crowd funding event held online or some other private venture capital investment round closed between investors / venture capitalist companies interested investing funds allocated set aside usually termed as pool money available used when required throughout pre-defined timeline mentioned agreement terms conditions document signed mutually between two parties involved one being startup company team members leading project while other one being investor entities interested making profits returns long run basis after completion project development phase once product goes live released market exchange platforms available offer digital assets liquidity convenience purpose end user customers looking trade crypto tokens listed there buy sell orders matched executed immediately according order book maintained tracking continuously updated time stamping server logs stored safe place avoid manipulation activities taking place maliciously without anyone noticing same 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